Oh yes, we celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’.

A short story….

We ‘as a family’ love the USA in every which way. Our first holiday as a couple with my husband, was to New York City. We re-visited NYC for our second holiday together, which was where he proposed. We then decided as we love it so much we would say our vowels in ‘Central Park’, NY. After much researching we found the perfect place, which was to be ‘Belvedere Castle’ (the princess wedding i had always dreamed of). After further research we changed the location to ‘Shakespeare Garden’ as we quickly realised the backdrops of our Wedding photographs would be grey castle walls, yet Shakespeare Garden would be in full bloom at the time we were to wed. After spending a few days in NYC following our wedding we took a train to Washington DC for a few days and then had our much loved honeymoon in Orlando, Florida.

A year later, we had our first son Frank, we wanted to take him to USA for his first holiday (of course), so we decided to go to Boston, USA for Thanksgiving as we’d always wanted to experience their tradition. It was such an amazing experience and after this we decided no matter where we were in the world, whether it be at home in the UK or on holiday somewhere we would always celebrate this as our own tradition ‘Franksgiving’ where we had our first family holiday. (Little did we know until almost one year later, that Franksgiving is a portmanteau of “Franklin” and “Thanksgiving”, coined by Atlantic City mayor Thomas D. Taggart, Jr. to describe the American Thanksgiving holiday from 1939 to 1941.

You learn something new – everyday!

(Photo of the restaurant by the sea, where we had our Thanksgiving meal)